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Internet Statistics for Consumers' Buying Trend

•  Nine of 10 auto dealerships have websites, but 31% of those don't post vehicle inventory information, a feature in which consumers have shown interest. (Thus this forces consumers to look elsewhere according to J.D Power and Associates.)

•  Of 30,352 people surveyed, 49% say the Internet influenced their make and model purchase, up from 40% last year. (Source: Ward's Dealer Business)

•  Nearly half say the Internet played a role in the price paid for their new vehicles, up from 41% in 2002. (Source: Ward's Dealer Business)

•  In a consumer survey in 2002, 66% of consumer used the internet as an informational tool before leasing or purchasing a car.(Automotive Retailing Today)

•  In a dealer survey, 82% dealers had their own website. (Automotive Retailing Today)

•  G eneral Internet usage by automotive shoppers increased nearly 12 percent, from 51.6 percent to 57.7 percent, while using the Internet to shop for new vehicles increased by nearly 27 percent, from 26.9 percent to 34.1 percent, compared to 1998 model year figures. (The Polk Company)

•  Over 80 per cent of car buyers are satisfied with their experience of buying cars through the dealership network.(Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)

•  I n the US 94 per cent of consumers are satisfied with car manufacturer appointed dealers. Independent dealers are also popular with consumers with satisfaction levels of 92 per cent in the US (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)

• For online purchases of cars, in the US 92 per cent of consumers are happy with their purchases, with over two thirds of consumers ‘very satisfied'. (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)

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