Spy Shots: SHO-time for 2010 Ford Taurus

by admin on September 24, 2010

by John Neff – AutoBLOG – Dec 29th 2008 at 12:57PM

Could it be? Right in the midst of my own personal search for a mint Gen 1 (1989-1991) Taurus SHO comes pictoral proof that Ford may be resurrecting the Super High Output model. What we have here is one of many images published by Jalopnik showing the “SHO” moniker in its traditional font on the passenger side dash of a 2010 Ford Taurus.

What does it all mean? That’s tough to say. The safe bet is that Ford may be developing a Taurus SHO concept car that could debut after the standard model is revealed at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show next month. It would also be safe to assume that a Taurus SHO would be powered by Ford’s new EcoBoost V6, which is rumored to produce 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. That’s a heaping helping more than the 220 hp produced by the Yamaha-built 3.0L V6 in the original SHO, but there’s also a lot more Taurus to haul around these days.

While it’s possible that Ford could be adding the SHO trim level back to the Taurus line, we hope these pictures portend the arrival of a concept car only. You might be wondering how such an avid SHO fan could speak such blasphemy, and the answer is that today’s Taurus is far removed from the original that shocked the industry back in 1986. Back then the Taurus was a mid-size family sedan with a futuristic design that broke the mold, and the SHO was heralded as an M3 at half the price when it arrived in 1989. Today’s Taurus is just too big and expensive to wear those shoes, though an M5 on sale for 50% off sounds tempting. If we’re being honest, however, a Fusion SHO tuned by SVT would be irresistible.

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