SYNC® With MyFord Touch™ – A Simpler Way to Stay in Touch With The World Around You

by admin on November 24, 2010

MyFord Touch

MyFord Touch

As technology evolves, cars evolve.  Not only does technology help in the manufacturing of a car, but now also gives drivers personalized control of their car.  Ford’s SYNC , a communications and entertainment connectivity system, gives you the luxury of controlling your Ford with voice commands.  It offers Hands-free Calling, Turn-by-Turn Directions, 911 Assist™, Music Search, Vehicle Health Report,
Personalized Daily Info, Business Search, Traffic Alerts and Audible Text Messages. SYNC AppLink allows drivers control their Android, iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones apps,  such as Twitter, Pandora, and Stitcher, via voice commands and vehicle controls.

The main features of SYNC are: directions and traffic, cell-phone, entertainment, and driver information.

Directions, Traffic, and Information:

You’ll never get lost with SYNC’s turn-by-turn driving directions.  It will locate where you are using GPS technology and give you voice directions to your destination.  SYNC even gives you traffic information on your route.  You may also locate a destination using Google® Maps or MapQuest® on your computer and send it to your Ford’s SYNC system to obtain directions.  SYNC also gives you the ability to personalize the information you receive such as news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stocks, and movies with a few voice commands.  The travel service feature also gives you information on airlines, rental cars, hotels, and taxis.


No more annoying Bluetooth headsets!  Connect your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to make and answer hands-free calls.  Instead of fumbling with your phone to make a call, say a command to make a call and the call will come through the speakers.  SYNC will even read incoming texts so you don’t have to keep your eyes off the road.  It even allows you to reply with using one of 15 generic texts.


It’s easy to control the music you listen to by connecting your MP3 player or USB drive.  You can browse through your MP3 player by artist, song, album, or genre, or playlist without using your hands.  Just use voice commands to tell SYNC what to play.

Driver Information:

SYNC’s 911 assist keeps you safe by directly connecting you to a 911 operator if you are in an accident.  This system is triggered when an airbag deploys or the fuel pump is shutoff.  SYNC also gives you a vehicle “health” report which shows you vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance information, and recall information.

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