Auto Tourism: Making car buying into a mini vacation

by admin on December 14, 2010

Recently, more people are looking outside of local dealerships to buy a car.  With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, people are more comfortable with using the internet for car shopping.  As a result, auto tourism has emerged, which means traveling outside of your region to buy a car and making a mini vacation out of it.  The main reasons for online car shopping are selection, price, and convenience.  When people find the same deal in two places, they are more likely to travel to the more desirable location and stay a few days to sight see.

To ensure that you don’t overspend when traveling to buy a car, you should keep a few things in mind.  Look for cheap flights.  If you don’t mind taking a day off work, fly during the middle of the week such as Wednesday.  The most expensive days to fly are on Friday and Sunday so avoid those days if you can.  Go for cheap lodging.  You can usually find good deals online so spend a little time searching.  A good place to start your search is  Plan your trip in advance to get the most out it.  This is a great excuse to make car buying into a mini vacation.  Figure out where you want to go and what you want to see rather than trying to figure it out when you are already there.  Keep in mind that the more time you stay, the more your trip will cost.  Budget your trip accordingly and see if auto tourism is worth it for you.

Popular Cities for Auto Tourism

Napa, CaNapa Valley, also known as the Napa Valley Wine Country, is one of the premier destination spots in the world.  That is why it is a great place to buy your car!  With its picturesque green valleys and quaint wineries, you will surely enjoy yourself in Napa, California.  Many wineries allow you to walk through their vineyards and winery and learn how wine is made from start to finish.  Wine tasting is cheap too.  Wineries charge a small fee while others allow you to taste their wine free of charge.

Make car buying a memorable shopping experience by buying from Napa Ford.  They have competitive pricing and great customer service.  Laurie wrote a note thanking Napa Ford, saying “thanks for the first pleasurable experience I have ever had buying a car. I love my MKX.  You will see us again on our next purchase.”  Another customer said, “I was very pleased with service.  It was surprising everything went so smoothly.  Everyone was very courteous, they made me feel comfortable and if I had to leave my truck, I was taken home.  They picked up when they said, thank you very much.”

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