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by admin on January 30, 2011

July 10, 2006 – By: Tomer Alpert and Stephen Harvill

SiSTeR Technologies and Creative Ventures share their views on how auto dealer websites can add value to every interaction through the power of video. Think about this: all marketing and advertisement has one goal, to engage customers and drive them to action. Period. That’s it.

Why is it that almost all automobile dealers choose the same solutions. Open any newspaper in America and try to distinguish one auto dealer from another, or one auto brand from another, based on its print ads. Websites and inventory pages; these pages suffer from the same problem as the print ads: everyone’s offerings look the same.

When the World Wide Web opened the door for the automobile industry to connect to buyers via the internet, you would have imagined that it would have opened the imagination to a previously untapped marketing strategy, but it hasn’t. Every dealership’s online inventory is engulfed with text you have to read, static images you need to click on and pages you have to navigate.

Think about this; what if a new technology could allow you to connect with your clients on a new level, a level that would engage them longer, appeal to their primary buying desires and ultimately act as the tipping point in their decision to contact you? Video technologies are doing just that for a handful of dealerships across the nation.

Atlanta Auto Brokers started experimenting with videos back in November of 2005; they choose a solution that created videos for every single pre-owned vehicle that’s on their lot. “We were definitely walking on the edge back in November, but risks pay off– our total number of leads, and sales from these leads, has increased, not to mention our overall customer satisfaction as a result of the videos has improved. That was a huge win!” he said. Read More

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