There are many factors involved when choosing between independent repair centers and auto dealerships for your car repairs and maintenance.  Thanks to improvements developed by the manufacturers, today’s vehicles require far less maintenance, particularly on vehicles built in the last 10 years. As a vehicle owner you have the legal right to choose any auto repair shop to perform services, without risking losing your warranty. Remember that auto dealerships offer recall-related services at a lower cost or for free. Also regular maintenance can vary widely depending on the shop you choose. Auto dealerships are more likely to follow the recommended service by manufacturer than auto repair shops.

Independent repair shop may be the smarter financial choice, but sometimes, paying a little extra is a wise choice. Here are things to consider when choosing between auto dealership service and independent repair service:

Compare services you receive – Comparing prices between multiple dealers and repair shops, for example a 50,000-mile service, does not guarantee you’ll be receiving the same exact service. You need to ask what is exactly included in the service as well as a breakdown of parts, labor and any other fees to determine where your best deal is.

OEM parts – Dealerships use parts that are supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), whereas car repair shops use aftermarket parts unless the customer requests otherwise. OEM parts are often more expensive than aftermarket parts and may not always be the best solution for auto repair. Aftermarket fluids, filters, other car parts during the service intervals, many engine components, brakes, tires and windshield wipers are perfectly fine. For other part failures, such as sensors related to your car’s computer system and car body parts, it’s best to stick with original equipment not to result in added cost and problems later on.

Labor rates – Ask for the labor cost; labor rate and estimated time to complete the job. Auto dealerships use flat-rate system while car repair shops track their technician’s actual work hours. In the flat rate system, every repair has a published time in the labor guide. Independent repair shops may not have the lowest labor rates. Decline in car sales has forced some dealerships to lower their labor rates or offer coupons and specials.

Technician experience – Auto dealership technicians are constantly trained on the auto brands the dealership sells. Independent auto technicians are cross-trained to work on a wide variety of vehicles. Highly qualified independent repair technicians have diverse knowledge and experience, allowing them to fix vehicles faster and more thoroughly.

Think about convenience when deciding where to go for car repairs. A free loaner car or a courtesy shuttle is offered by some dealers, while a repair shop will expect you to find your own ride. Regardless of the best financial choice, choose a shop that you feel comfortable working with.  A good service adviser or a mechanic who listens to your concerns and answers your questions thoroughly is priceless.


This Sunday, May 1st 2011, the New York International Auto Show will end. This is your time to take pictures of the hottest cars and trucks (yes, cameras and video cameras allowed).

Alternative fuel cars which will be at the show include the Ford Escape Hybrid, Chevy Volt, 2011 Lexus CT200H, Lexus L S600HL Hybrid and more.

History of the New York Auto Show: It was America’s first automotive exhibition  in 1900. For 111 years, New York has been home to the most innovative and impressive cars on the market.

These are the types of cars you can look forward to viewing. Introducing the GranTurismo MC Stradale: 450-horsepower, 4.7-liter V8 engine. The US based model will be similar to the European-market MC Stradale, except for an automatic transmission.

Car of the Year – 2011 Car of the Year

The new Nissan Leaf is the overall Car of the Year Winner. The electric car car by Nissan, dubbed “Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car,” is a mid-size hatchback with 99mpg of gasoline equivalent.

This fully-electric car produces no tailpipe pollution, or greenhouse gas emissions. Other awards for the Nissan Leaf include: 2011 European Car of the Year, 2011 World Car of the Year and 2010 Green Car Vision Award.

Car of the Year – Design Car


Car of the Year – Green Car


Car of the Year  – Performance Car



Concept Cars that will be at the show include:

  • SAAB Phoenix
  • Toyota Prius C Concept
  • Volkswagen Bulli
  • Nissan Ellure
  • Mini PACEMAN
  • Hyundai CURB
  • Ford Vertrek Concept
  • Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

Cost and Tickets:

$14 – Adult – Ages 13 and up
$4 – Child – Ages 2 – 12
Free – Infant – 1 and under
$12 – Group Rate (10 tickets or more)

New York Auto Show Dates and Hours:

Friday April 22nd through Sunday May 1st
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm – Sundays: 10am – 7pm


Dealer Webmaster Released Craigslist Ad Posting Tool for Auto Dealers

January 30, 2011

Now dealers can easily list ads on Craigslist with Dealer Webmaster’s ad posting tool. This automated tool allows dealers to take advantage of additional leads and traffic from local classified ads on Craigslist. Dealer Webmaster helps dealers increase their online presence and search engine traffic. Search engine and online marketing strategies and trends grow and change […]

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Napa Car Dealers Just Launched – Easy-to-use Pre-owned Vehicles Online

January 30, 2011

Napa Car Dealers just released Napa Car Lot. The new website is easy to use and it features hundreds of pre-owned vehicles from four dealers in the Napa County California. To help users find the car they are looking for quickly and easily, there are number of ways to narrow their search for the perfect vehicle. […]

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Dealer Webmaster Just Launched Sacramento Car Specials Ads Online –

January 30, 2011

Dealer Webmaster just introduced an online specials Ad website for Elk Grove Ford & Great Valley Chrysler Jeep Mazda Isuzu Auto Dealers has daily pre-owned vehcile specials from large inventory of 2 dealers in Sacramento Area. Visit for your perfect vehicle from huge selection of cars, trucks, minivans, crossovers and SUVs – best deals in Sacramento, Elk Grove, […]

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Autos and Online: Not Dead Yet

January 30, 2011

October 16, 2006 – By Mitch Lowe iMedia Connection Forget Yahoo!’s predictions of doom and gloom. Jumpstart Automotive’s CEO explains why the present — and the future — of online automotive looks brighter than ever. These days, the online community is getting some mixed signals about internet advertising spending in general, and the automotive industry […]

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Gender Marketing Web Design Differences

January 30, 2011

September 22, 2006 – By Joseph Carrabis iMedia Connection If you’re building a website for female consumers, then you need to do it differently than if your site is for males or for everybody. The NextStage CRO explains how. Growing up, I navigated the worlds of men and women with equal ease. Several indigenous peoples […]

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45% of the US Population Visits Automotive Sites

January 30, 2011

The Dealix Dealer Newsletter – September 2006 Today 45% of the US population visits automotive sites, amounting to 239 million unique site visits per month. And, automotive sites have experienced 400% the growth rate of the Internet overall, according to Yahoo and comScore. If you’re still directing the lion’s share of your ad budget to […]

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Nielsen: Internet Ad Spent up 49%

January 30, 2011

September 05, 2006 – By Roger Park Nielsen Media Research announced that ad spending in the U.S. is up 5.1 percent in the half of the year with internet leading the way with 49 percent. Spanish language TV was up 21.8 percent due largely to the World Cup. Other media that showed gain were local […]

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5 Tips for Branding with Ad Networks

January 30, 2011

August 29, 2006 – By David A. Yovanno Introduction – For advertisers trying to build awareness and drive other brand-related initiatives, ad networks offer a valuable complement to portal and single site strategies. Today’s leading ad networks offer comparable and complementary audience composition, reach and frequency, with stringent quality controls and the ability to demonstrate […]

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